posted October 6th, 2021

Joel Vandroogenbroeck's uniquely trippy catalog of music vignettes are long overdue for their day in the library music sun. His style, fusing inspirations from jazz, traditional music of the world and the psychedelic rock experience, gave Joel a unique sound in a world of unusual sounds. Far View collects exotic drifts of library music from Joel's Coloursound releases of the 1980s, transmitting his singular vision of so called 'stock' music while also evolving the heavy spiritual vibes of his incendiary work in the 70s with kraut-progsters Brainticket into an ever-expanding realm of new age/ambient impressionism.

"Oil Tankers" is the latest single from Far View. Culled from 1981's Industrial Retrospect, the sounds evoke a booming manufacturing enterprise via the echoes of oil drums supplanted by creeping disco beats, with soulful organ, vocal and synth melodies floating above. It's a travelogue in miniature, creating an entire sequence of places and moods from the open sea to the boardroom. "Oil Tankers", as with all tracks found on Far View, was remastered from their original analog tapes, which means that the heads in the cult of Joel will hear his Coloursound music like never before. The rest of us will simply hear music like never before. Win/win!

Order your physical copy of Far View now, so that it will arrive to you by its release date of November 12th. No use waiting for the future any longer - it was scored a long time ago - by Joel Vandroogenbroeck.

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