posted October 18th, 2021

Come one, come all for another exclusive look at The Intimate Landscape! For this third and final pre-release single before its November 5th release, Ben Chasny has chosen to shine a bright, "Second Moon" down upon us, correctly predicting we're ready for lunar illumination while keeping both feet on terra firma. Go on, get blissed while woodsy guitar notes pull you deeply inward to the core - those rusty accoustics are balanced by gauzy synth notes sure to evoke a sense of yearning and zen-like intention! Minimalist ambiance that works on the ear as both music and atmosphere? Why yes, let's all have another!

Speaking of having another, watching something is nicest with a bevy in hand, isn't it? Well, to further commemorate Ben's first official solo release, our buds at Illuminated Brew Works have revealed an exceptional new offering: the Intimate Landscape Belgian Dubbel, which anyone within drinking distance can grab while watching the visualizer for "Second Moon"! We're not in the business of describing beer, so here's how the folks at IBW describe this sweet, Chasny-inspired nectar:

"The caramel pitch of Special B malt and the unending kaleidoscopic spice of Rochefort yeast seemed to be the perfect ingredients. Both have large personalities, though, when combined & enjoyed with food somehow mute, yield and change in response to their sensory collaborators. This is what Ben always seems to be doing with sound: reflecting the world around him with a vision and curiosity that shines through the listener's experience as they inhabit the landscapes he paints with sound."

Well said! So, snag a 4-pack from IBW or visit their new taproom in Chicago, and find yourself returning to gaze, aurally, over The Intimate Landscape often, for many years to come. Listen to "Second Moon" now, the LP is out November 5th!

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