posted November 1st, 2021

Riding upon the ashes of a seismically shifted world, Wand are breaking free from the chains around them to share the sense of unrecognizable change with the rest of us. First stop: the almighty PNW, home of peace-loving tribes SO committed, they're ready to fight about it!

That sounds about right. Presiding over a musical fusion that slips hooks, subverts genres, suspends time and space to rock the listener (you, dummy!) with a defiantly neoteric assault of guitars and drums, electronically chilled with innate post-pop reflexes. Just listen to the records! Or no - go to the show. As they plunge fearlessly through a constant evolution of sounds and songs, every set promises a change in the listener tantamount to transmigration! Or at least some sort of personal exodus. But fun, of course! What the world needs now is a whole lot of everything - and it's Wand, sweet Wand who will be riding to fill the gap, come December. Don't you fret, little Wanderers - they're always somewhere just over the horizon.

Uncramp and stretch those stumps! Blow the dust from the doorknob! Leave your home. Wand are waiting, and their motor is running.


12/8/21 San Diego, CA
12/9/21 Los Angeles, CA
12/11/21 San Francisco, CA
12/14/21 Seattle, WA
12/15/21 Portland, OR
12/16/21 Eugene, OR
12/17/21 Arcata, CA

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