posted November 10th, 2021

Mess Esque was born, like so much of us, in the percussive impact of a big bang! In this case, it was a hoped-for collision of two musical comets - Helen Franzmann and Mick Turner - who've long cut individual paths through the empyrean sea that surrounds our worlds. Their courses were subtly altered when Mick sought a singer to collaborate with on new material. In this new combustion, Helen and Mick direct intuitions and meditations from the remote confines of their individual selves into a greater mass, one still in the process of becoming Mess Esque, electrifying the air between their isolated Australian locales and sending sparks and flashes into the skies above us all.

The sounds on their eponymous debut (released digitally on 10/22), are those of a duo employing diverse personal methodologies, now melded in complete and utter harmony, a seamless musical expression. Watch the new video for "Wake Up To Yesterday", and listen as Helen locks magnetically onto Mick's hypnotic instrumental swirl, her vocals moving sweetly through whispers, mutters and melodic cries; their combined forces implying rituals and incantations leading…where? Back to yourself, always. This is the path Mess Esque are bound upon.

With the release of the "Wake up to yesterday" video, Mess Esque is now FINALLY fully available, vinyl and on CD as well. Be quick; as with meteor showers and shooting stars, these combined phenomena may soon be beyond us. Wake up to Mess Esque, before tomorrow irretrievably arrives.

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