posted January 7th, 2022

The sonic sorceress we know as Matchess, whose album Sonescent comes out Feb. 25th, has crafted a demo for you, beloved reader.

Keeping the magic transparent, Whitney Johnson (of Matchess) says, "In this video, I build and distort an overtone series above the fundamental 64 Hz. I begin with sine waves in the 2nd to 5th harmonics in this order: 192 Hz, 256 Hz, 320 Hz, and 384 Hz. Each of these is coming from a Juntek JDS 2800 2-channel function generator. Then, I bring in the fundamental 64 Hz and first harmonic 128 Hz on two separate function generators, old ones with continuous dials by Wavetek and Instek. I add to these 6 sine waves two more frequencies at roughly 127 Hz and 129 Hz on my ARP Odyssey synthesizer. These are offset just enough to give a slow beating pattern. The next step is to record 3 different 60-second cassette loops of the overtone series--hard-panned mono recordings--one at a time. I'm using two Pro Walkmen and one Panasonic brick. Speed differences and tape degradation create more beating patterns. Finally, I start up the Uher tape monitor. In addition to everything else to this point, I record tuning forks at 256 Hz and 262 Hz to add a "Theta" wave beating pattern to the 7-second loop. By this time, all the beating patterns have become a deep tissue massage. I fade out each element until the Uher loop stands alone before lights out."

Enjoy the demo, which you can watch above, and pre-order Sonescent now!

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