posted January 18th, 2022

With the new album SonescentMatchess takes a giant step off the wings of the psychedelic songcraft she's flown over the past decade, melting into pure psychoacoustic space with her new songs, where she and they float and mingle with all the other sounds we hear in our body; sounds that flow, the thoughts of sounds and the natural pulsing in our ears as they strain to hear more.

further departs from previous Matchess recordings, where Whitney Johnson performed and sang all the music herself. This time, she wrote exclusively for players outside of her, drawing from mind and body memories of a ten-day Vipassana meditation practice. She first extracted fragments, then culled, collated and scored the pieces into the forms of songs. It was a slow process, but when she finally organized the musicians and conducted their playing, it induced the sounds she'd heard in her memories. Once fully captured, it felt right to place the songs back where they’d come from — deep inside an echo-space, where they only barely intrude upon the ears, as if passing through atmospheres of discreet vibrations and silence.

The effects of her process are powerfully displayed on the second single from Sonescent, an excerpt from "Through The Wall", evoking the freed-up latter stages of a meditation, scored with the half-speed memory of air raid sirens and the pounding of distant drums - or is it simply wind pulsing in the mic capsule? The lilting sound of band of of troubadours in the hills or an ice-cream truck down the block? Matchess melts the echoes into a reduction glittering with essence, relaxing and enervating the listener's hearing and being.

Filmmaker Jodie Mack's video accompaniment further engages, balancing the of ethereal with the surreal, and building upon the natural and dreamlike qualities of Matchess' sounds with it's images of ebullient vegetation. Beautiful and strange - but all-natural! Watch the music video "Through The Wall [Excerpt]" above and pre order Sonescent for the February 25th release date!

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