posted February 7th, 2022


Matchess (aka Whitney Johnson) travels fluently between outer and inner space, on a perpetual search for the unseen world that exists behind the world that we see everyday. The evolutions of her music over six seeking releases between 2013 and 2020 have brought her to Sonescent, an album that transcends her previously established medium of psychedelic pop music - finding beyond those songs and sounds an new kind of expression, one where the whole album exists inside the meditation itself, with the tunes and melodies almost completely disintegrated in an atmosphere of greater wholeness.

From this latest plateau, Whitney's preparting to project the Sonescent vibration in a new form on her forthcoming dates in the UK and EU (and back in town at the Chicago's happily-returned Frequency Fest). At these shows, Matchess will perform solo, taking listeners through the intimacies of the experience and passing them through the music's atmospheric layers all by her own hand. If you want to feel the waves of sound and fission wash over you, check the dates below! Chicago's Frequency show at Constellation is also the Sonescent record release show; a night that we imagine the cosmos will align uniquely somehow. Around the rest of the planet, Sonescent lands on 2/25 on vinyl and digital platforms, pre-order your material copy now!


February 18th at Boundary Condition in London, UK
February 19th at Cobalt Studios in Newcastle, UK
February 23rd at Frequency Festival in Chicago, IL
March 25th at Roodkapje in Rotterdam, Netherlands
March 26th at AB Salon in Brussels, Belgium

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