posted February 18th, 2022

Maybe you've heard by now - Jim O'Rourke's got bad timing. For many of you, though, this news will be good timing - for BAD TIMING!
Why is it that American composers always end up at least once in their careers writing a quintessentially American composition? God only knows, but Bad Timing has gone down in the O’Rourke discography as that composition. And a god-damned one-of-a-kind classic of that genre, and other ones too! Known as an exceptional improvisational and experimental wunderkind for most of the 90s, a new phase of O'Rourke emerged in 1997 with Bad Timing. Reflecting on a Fahey-esque 6-string acoustic guitar fantasias, each of the three pieces here gradually expands with harmonic information and musical elements - piano, organ, electric guitar, brass, strings (everything, it seems except vocals--those would come later!) - all interwoven to chart the agony and ecstasy of a simple passage of star-crossed fate.

Bad TimingJim O'Rourke's masterwork from 1997(?!), is now available to digitally stream -- losslessly! -- for the very first time, on Apple Music. Never heard an LP in your life? Well, they're just great, we highly recommend them. Never heard a CD in your life?! Now you will hear what all the fuss was (and is) about, unreasonably replicated in a hi-fi, lossless experience your ears'll thank you for. But your brain may hate you, cause now it's gotta WORK. Such polarization in the world today! A good time for the bad timing of Bad Timing, indeed.


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