posted February 24th, 2022

It was early in 2019 — no, November 2018! — that Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin met at Studio Rymden, in a quiet suburban district of Stockholm, to make the music that became Ghosted.

Rooting in the rich tonality and repeating figures of Johan’s acoustic (and sometimes electric) bass, the four tracks that make up Ghosted unspool themselves with the terse flow of krautrock jams — percussive riffs and repetitions that build continuously, with subtle shifts rippling across the stereo spectrum, captured in minute detail. Oren’s guitar sounds organ-like, with notes of fire and glass wafting over the percolation and permutation of Johan and Andreas’ rhythms, patiently evolving variations within a minimal framework.

On the first single, "II", Berthling’s chiming bass harmonics form the pattern and the pocket, Werliin’s kitwork explores the nuances within the groove, locating a thousand new accents within the time, and Ambarchi floats dreamily about, with keening, chittering signals that register both in and out of lead-instrument designation – both ambient and psychedelic. Transformative jams!
Mixed and mastered by Joe Talia at Good Mixture, Berlin, Ghosted highlights the intimate dialogue between the players and their careful curation of this shared space. It's rare to think of silence in relation to music where everyone is constantly playing — and yet, when listening to this, we do.

Just watch and listen to "II" and mark your calendar for April 15th, the day you'll be Ghosted

Artists in this story: Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin