posted March 2nd, 2022

Since 2015, Kamikaze Palm Tree have been a musical mystery for those of us in our tree. Now, in times no less mysterious, Drag City welcomes them to our island resort, where the energy of their single "Flamingo", and its odd strain of 21st century rock, is in hard repeat on our poolside jukebox.

With "Flamingo", the duo of drummer/vocalist Dylan Hadley and guitarist Cole Berliner come enigmatically through the out door to burst the modern pop balloon with playful stereophonic charm, splitting hemispheres cleanly apart via salmon-hued neo-blues stomp and cut-up lyric no(n)sense. Blending deceptively chops-y decorum and chaos, Kamikaze Palm Tree melt the mind sweetly (and entirely!) in just over two minutes flat. It's easy!

The video for "Flamingo", shot by Owen Summers & Nikki Milan Houston, flickers forth with a riot of harmonious imagery: colorful costumes, toy instruments, surreal vaudevillian dance steps and touches of DIY/stop-motion combine to perfectly transmit the sparkling tropical nocturne flowing beneath the song. It's all part of the gleeful dance of cognition and dissonance that is Kamikaze Palm Tree.

Watch the video for "Flamingo" above and endlessly hit repeat; your new favorite band has arrived.

3/2 in Visalia, CA at The Cellar Door*
3/3 in San Diego, CA at Soda Bar*
3/4 in Palm Springs, CA at American Legion Post 519*
3/5 in Los Angeles, CA at Lodge Room*
3/6 in Santa Cruz, CA at Moe's Alley*
3/7 in San Francisco, CA at The Chapel*
3/8 in Sacramento, CA at Harlow's*

*All Dates with Habibi


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