posted April 19th, 2022

Veteran noisemakers (and good pals!) Dean Spunt (No Age) & John Wiese (Sissy Spacek) debut as collaborators on The Echoing Shell, a fantastic conception in contemporary musique concrète. John Wiese’s stunning reassemblage of Dean Spunt’s drumming noise, is abstraction, sure - but only implied abstraction; drawing from the rumble and crash of the traps, finding dimensions of hiss and crunch beyond the sounds of a traditional drumkit.

Utilizing a variety of techniques, Wiese's commitment to working through the process of editing and tape-manipulation forms a unique language, with something akin to word-shapes and linear design, providing a narrative frame to the alternately-ripping and discreet sounds, remaking them meaningfully into music. Proof of this? Yeah: today's drop, a sharp edit of "Black Fruit", encapsulates such formulations in miniature, evolving with each additional layer into a fine, mulled wine.

Both previews of The Echoing Shell are edited shells, actually - "Fruit From Color Vapor (edit)" has been wrecking the internet for weeks now - and now you can have a sip of the "Black Fruit" edit to satisfy your cravings until The Echoing Shell arrives in full on May 20th!

Artists in this story: No Age, Dean Spunt / John Wiese