posted June 13th, 2022

Fresh off the release of Ghosted, the exceptional new album by Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin, the trio reappear with a music video for the album track, “III”! Rooted in rhythm and the myriad, fascinating ways it can subdivide the beat, “III” slowly unfurls with airy, reverberating clouds of guitar, a brooding, stalking bass-line, and percussive hypnotism. Utilizing these percussive riffs and repetitions and the tension-build they create, maverick filmmaker Cédrick Eymenier’s camera floats dreamily about the darkened, quiet nighttime streets of France to bring "III" to life in visual form. Following the isolated act of a street sweeper while the city sleeps (expertly portrayed by dancer Xixi), Eymenier’s direction perfectly accentuates the meditative quality to the sounds of Ambarchi, Berthling and Werliin, creating a fully immersive A/V experience to behold.

Words from the director Cédrick Eymenier:

"Johan Berthling (for whom I did two videos with his TAPE project) sent a message with the Ghosted album attached wondering if I would do a video for a song of my choice. Immediately I decided to work on "III". Two weeks after, April 2, my grandpa dies. Grandpa was a street sweeper. He used to carry a trolley for the trash. For that reason in the village, south of France, he was called "the Chinese". I quickly started to think of my Chinese dancer/performer friend Xixi and asked if she wanted to find some worker clothes and go clean the streets with me for a this music project. We both totally improvised, without any kind of repérage or preconceived ideas, we simply started shooting. The clothes Xixi has chosen are also reminiscent of her grandpa who passed away and also wore those kind of clothes. Reminiscence. Exile. Ghost. Disappearing."

Watch the video for “III” by clicking the link above, then seize your copy of Ghosted on LP (now back in stock!) or stream it well into the depths of night, now!

Artists in this story: Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin