posted June 23rd, 2022

It's the summer of their years, and Kamikaze Palm Tree are out on the beach, fully lotioned, essence to essence. With their impending (next classic) album MINT CHIP locked down for a August 12th release, we're just counting the days until we can share all of it, while dropping tracks here and there, for the thrill of it all. Like this one: "Predicament"! With rough-hewn, multicolored animation, John Andrews' video accentuates KPTs signature thickets of psychoactive jangle-thump and flashing harmonics of vocal chorale. The vid's smeary images pulse and repeat, an imagined slideshow for the song's sonic adventures - but for Dylan and Cole, the song itself is the original slideshow; a catch-all of inspirations, ranging from faintly to innately ridiculous (“none of the songs are about anything”), flickering the image of a context-free pro-teen shake that melts down on us like the most intimate of stuff of dreams.

Scoring the frustration couplet “It’s us again / In a predicament” with an enervating clockwork of slide guitars, sloshing bass melodies, and percussive percolation, Kamikaze Palm Tree do here what they do best: start breaking down everything in sight to put their fingers on, into and thru the heartbeat of things. This is what the kids are letting themselves go to do now: ambiguity and nostalgia, hand in hand — for you, cognitive, dissonanced and yeah, humming along too.

It’s a KPT wiggly world and we’re just (happily) living in it! Watch the mind manifesting video for “Predicament” now and get your cash/credit scam/money order ready to preorder MINT CHIP (and preempt life as you've known it)….now.


9/1/2022 in Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon*
9/2/2022 in San Francisco, CA at Bottom Of The Hill*
9/3/2022 in Santa Cruz, CA at The Catalyst Atrium*
9/5/2022 in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios*
9/6/2022 in Seattle, WA at Barboza*

* w/ Self Improvement

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