posted July 19th, 2022

The toothpaste's almost out the tube! Kamikaze Palm Tree’s desperately dreamed-of Drag City debut drops in just a few mini-weeks (on 8/12) - but who's counting, or even prepared to wait that long? Hungry for more is our assumed default, so hands in the air, 'cuz KPT are delivering another scoop of Mint Chip. This time it’s “The Hit” - both literally and figuratively! At nearly twice the length of the other Mint Chip hits, “The Hit” presents as a fully-rendered tune from youthful masters of minimalist pop nursery rhyme freak out – yet beyond the reliably headlong magnetic pull of riff and chorus lies fertile open territory in which pearl-strings of multi-hued madness become delightfully unthreaded. All the better for you to slip on! The music video, directed by KPT OGs Cole & Dylan, splashes color into their technicolor dream world, with wigged-out dance moves to boot! Gliding along atop a reconstructed piano synth, pulsating guitar and splattered, mutated solo somehow feels conventional in a Kamikaze Palm Tree context! This is their “The Hit", after all - and (we can't help it if) it freaks you out! 



9/1/2022 in Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon*
9/2/2022 in San Francisco, CA at Bottom Of The Hill*
9/3/2022 in Santa Cruz, CA at The Catalyst Atrium*
9/5/2022 in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios*
9/6/2022 in Seattle, WA at Barboza*


* w/ Self Improvement

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