posted August 18th, 2022

Oren Ambarchi's forthcoming LP Shebang is a puzzle built from isolated single notes, rising into clusters of densely layered poly-rhythms before being met with a world of esteemed sonic collaborators. The first single, "I", charted the assembling shapes: Oren's staccato tones, with subtle Leslie shimmers and guitar synth, joined in the flow by Joe Talia’s ride cymbal articulations. 


The new single, "II", picks up where "I" left off (it happens sometimes!), as the elements blossom into a rigorously snapped-to fusion funk, with ever-shifting details skittering across the stereo spectrum. This sets the stage for legendary British pedal steel player B.J. Cole, whose languorous, lonely lines drift in and out of the evolving rhythm landscape.

For the music video, Oren enlisted director Andrew Lambert, who's devised an artful twilight zone-esque parade of stuttering cars, spinning adrift. In this vision, Shebang is on the radio, its future sounds providing rainbow color for cascading black & white images. Music is an out-of-body experience capable of transporting you anywhere, so why not pass a little time in 1930s St. Louis, MO?

Watch the video for “II” by clicking the link above and assemble another piece of the Shebang puzzle before September 30th!

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