posted November 15th, 2022

Meg Baird’s forthcoming long player, Furling, lives in the notion that whole universes of experience, enlightenment, elation, and ecstasy can bloom in every corner. And while it’s true that some songs on Furling grapple with humanity’s existential unknowns in stark terms, they primarily revel in the mysteries that hide in nature and humanity at their most ordinary.

The second single from Furling, “Star Hill Song,” out today, is a swooning mediation on romantic solidarity in emotionally trying times, by Meg and collaborator/partner/co-writer of this tune, Charlie Saufley (Heron Oblivion). Listening to "Star Hill Song" evokes a loose, Hi Record groove swaying in the lazy West Coast breeze, as sunshine sonics fly like banners in magisterial folk-rock procession. The video for “Star Hill Song”, thoughtfully created by Meg Baird, acts as a visual epistle to the lush days of springtime, bursting with light and life. Regarding the process and impetus for the video, Meg notes, "I’m neither a person who knows how to make films--or sew--but creating this homespun video felt very much like getting lost in a freestyle needlework and quilting project."

"I often think that music is a place where we can literally “put” or “save” things when there is no other space for them. All of the images I’ve stitched together here were squeezed from a sorely dying phone camera in my attempt to add life and flicker to them. And while they are images that mean a great deal to me--captured with eyes looking up close at things with love, care and devotion–I hope they leave plenty of open space for moods, thoughts and stories of your own."

Find (or lose) yourself in “Star Hill Song” by clicking the link above and pre-order your copy of Furling before the street date of January 27th!


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