posted January 6th, 2023

The Future is (almost) here! A recently unearthed collection of cult sensation J.T. IV’s music turned up nineteen (!) unheard tracks, providing the majority of his forthcoming double album, The Future.

J.T. IV’s outsider rock was equal parts light and darkness, a lightning bolt schizo-splitting a raw power punk rocker and an earnest, hope-filled acoustic rocker from the same troubled body. Unable to function in the straight world, John got fucked up and jammed his tunes with friends, taping the music and eventually making a series of singles from the tapes. Now 20 years on from his passing, The Future is ever farther away from the world in which he struggled so mightily — but his stinging iconoclasm, whether screamed from Marshall amps or mic’ed up close, feels ever more powerfully infused with this latest breadth of his madness and music-essence.

The latest offering from The Future is an original composition from John, “The Loner”. Coming from a softly sincere part of his personae, it’s a folkie’s portrait of the rebel surrounded by a heartbreaking billow of acoustic guitars. Always the enigmatic chameleon, J.T. switches the narrative midway, its third-verse transition from third to first person. Wrapping this conceptual fabric around his natural gifts as a singer, his naked form of expression and the delirious visions of youthful angst in his songs, J.T. IV was a fully realized rock rebel before the world was ready.

Listen to “The Loner” now!

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