posted January 9th, 2023

Meg Baird’s forthcoming album unfurls with a perennial bloom, grappling with stark existential unknowns and the mysteries that hide in nature and humanity at their most ordinary. Furling (out 1/27) resonates with its gradually unfolding themes and variations of sounds, building out a world all its own.

Driving a near-funereal piano dirge with her steady, elemental drums, Meg visits a stylistic and emotional extreme: simultaneously elegiac and uplifting wordless vocals with fragments of vibraphone, impressionistic guitar phrases, and analog synth that rise and fade as cameos in a surreal dream montage. Arching across imagined words, Baird’s ability to curate atmospheric and haunting textures is as singular as it is striking. Intrepid visual collaborator Rachael Pony Cassells, who constructed a video for "Ashes, Ashes", writes "I have been thinking about the relationship of fire to water. Sometimes they resemble one another it’s hard to tell if we are burning or drowning. Smoke blinks tears to eyes; fire eventually brings the rain. California, Australia, inferno, flood. We came of age in a very different time, when the cycles of fire to water were gentler. They did not frequently destroy the homes of our friends and families. I remember flying into SFO in 2020 the day the morning skies were midnight. Dark and red. I landed to a text message from Meg. Preempting my panic, she assured me that while it looked like the end of the world, and is surely symptomatic of the end of many eras, the fog was pushing up the wildfire smoke allowing us to breathe in the dark."

Watch/listen to Meg Baird’s latest single, “Ashes, Ashes", and save the date for January 27th!


3/1 at The Chapel in San Francisco
3/2 at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz
3/3 at Zebulon in Los Angeles
3/4 at The Living Room in Long Beach
3/5 at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown

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