posted April 3rd, 2023

The return of The Fucking Champs via the long-desired double-vinyl LP reissue of their epochal album release III is not something you should take merely lightly. Don't just leap into it, you might get a cramp! This is why we're sliding you back into their oeuvre, one song at a time - so that when it finally drops, you aren't complete torn asunder.

Okay. Deep breaths. For those who aren't familiar with the legend, we'll give it to you in one: at the end of the 20th century, The Fucking Champs spread Total Music™ across the planet, touring relentlessly and producing albums full of undeniable note choices, sounds and songs. For III’s 26th anniversary reissue, the band relentlessly remastered the original tapes and oversaw immaculate artwork restoration, to bring, for the first time EVER, wide availability of this master stroke of musicality to an increasingly rock-starved public.

And with such an avaricious, potentially marauding community to answer to, the Champs simply twist the knob to eleven to make the world go away. Stomping and swinging with unassailable bravado, TFC refuse to lose amid a violent creative crossfire with "Some Swords", bridging one musical thought to the next in a headlong surge of riffs that contain passages of flaming guitar histrionics and (even) a blast of vocals.

After headbanging for nearly four minutes straight (and getting your ass down to Urgent Care), make sure to pre-order III on precious, remastered vinyl for May 26th.

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