posted May 2nd, 2023

The Fucking Champs' contribution to music was no less than Total Music™: energetic and virtuosic, with intricate work from guitars and drums (not to mention SYNTHS!) thrilling to all the senses. The forthcoming reissue of III reminds the listener (that's us) how the Champs blended the best elements of countless genres into their singularly unique and exciting sound.

The third transmission to draw the listener (that's you) into the orbit of III is "Flawless Victory"...yes! An homage to Mortal Kombat, as flawless in and of itself. It goes without saying that such a feat is achieved only by (Total™) domination! The sprawling, nearly eight minute epic attains such perfection, beginning with a slow rhythmic burn that surges into complicated time signatures and harmonic variations alike, to keep the music moving at Total™ breakneck pace. Enveloping you in a thundering wall of sound, "Flawless Victory" commands what you can only call your undivided attention.

As fresh at is sounded in '97, "Flawless Victory" washes just as infallibly over the listener (the world) 26 years later! And more good news: The 2xLP of III arrives on May 26th.

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