posted June 2nd, 2023

Xylouris White, the duo of George Xylouris and Jim White, have performed together since 2013. Whether live or on record, Xylouris White produce a head-spinning construction of Cretan lute and drums compositions and improvisations, the latest of which are found on their just-released LP, The Forest In Me.

Similar to their collaborations with The Forest In Me producer, Guy Picciotto, Jim and George have also teamed up with filmmaker, Jem Cohen, to expand their artistic vision. The result, "Other Forests", is a music video comprised of three songs from The Forest In Me - "Missing Heart", "Night Club," and "Forest In Me" - that gazes delicately on landscapes and their natural beauty.

Discussing the selection of scenes and structure for "Other Forests", Jem notes: "I try to find images that make you listen closer. The best part for me is where an out-of-focus telephone wire hangs in the air exactly like the note of Giorgos’ lute as if, for a moment, they’re one and the same. I guess I feel the same about some grasses and birds and Jim’s rambling drums. I merged two landscapes, a Greek island where I did a gig with Giorgos, and a Texas desert where Jim was also there. These landscapes came together as one almost-biblical place where humans coexist with animals, plants, rocks, and water on some strange plane. I guess it’s that place which, if one were being pretentious, could be called “The Garden.” But one shouldn’t be pretentious."

The group have commissioned visual accompaniments for each track on The Forest In Me and by employing friends and family to lend an eye, Xylouris White issue the music to the greater world. Like memories and souvenirs, you're invited too. Collect them for yourselves, with The Forest In Me informing the forest in you. Stay tuned for more video revelations in the future and mark your calendars for additional XW performances this summer!


6/10/23 at  Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen, China  
8/1/23– 8/2/23  at The Hideout in Chicago, IL     
8/4/23 at The Earl in Atlanta, GA     
8/6/23 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY   


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