posted September 14th, 2023

Mike Donovan's music, in all phases, takes the form of a next-phase roots-pop: soaked in the traditional waters of rock and roll and passed through a variety of after-punk sonic sieves, highlighted with DIY and lo-fi values. His innate understanding of the mechanics of a pop song wends purposefully through the junk-strewn landscape, sharing secrets with cipher in hand.

This pops like never before on the forthcoming album release, Meets The Mighty Flashlight. Just listen to the latest single, "Sadfinger Meets The Mighty Flashlight"! Mike D and Mighty F meet at high vibe, with an upright piano that tingles the ears from the word jump. Melodic bass wanderings and group percussion build slowly to a surreal break, then all bets are off as Mike and Mighty take us to the tent-top. At 4:14, an epic of Donovan-ia, and a steady-rollin’ faux-waltz of classic proportions. “I Am the Walrus” meets “Atlantis”?

Playing in this cracked kingdom of sound/garden of verse, The Mighty Flashlight shines brightly and brings his recording, writing, performing and mixing talents to the tabletop with such a seasoned vibe that he bought himself real estate in the album title itself! This meeting of the Mikes on Meets The Mighty Flashlight is October 13th--mark your calendar!


9/15/23 at Ortliebs in Philadelphia, PA
w/ Spacin' and Prison

9/17/23 at The Snack Institute in Charleston, WV
w/ Equipment Pointed Ankh and Prison

9/18/23 at B-Side in Louisville, KY
w/ Cereal Glyphs and Prison

9/19/23 at State Street Pub in Indianapolis, IN
w/ Free Thought Narrative and Prison

9/20/23 at Promises in Milwaukee, WI
w/ Prison

9/21/23 at Cole's in Chicago, IL
w/ Glyders and Prison

9/22/23 at Outer Limits in Detroit, MI
w/ Prison

9/23/23 at Cafe Bourbon St. in Columbus, OH
w/ Unholy Two and Prison

9/24/23 at Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH
w/ Fear of Dancing and Prison

10/18/23 at B-Side in Louisville, KY

10/19/23 at White Rabbit in Indianapolis, IN
w/ SPVD, Share, Living Dream

11/10/23 at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ
w/ Ty Segall

11/11/23 at Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT
w/ Ty Segall

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