posted October 3rd, 2023

Xylouris White, the collaborative duo of Cretan singer and laouto player Georgios Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White, are making music for the entire world. Their method is simple - just play there! Over the past decade, they've embarked upon countless tours across the world, finding people everywhere who have responded to their music. Following the release earlier this year of The Forest In MeXylouris White are on the road again this November with dates dotted across the US, Australia and Europe.

Every Xylouris White show is a journey through a spectrum of emotions and musical styles, reaffirming their shared musical chemistry and live performance mastery. Their hypnotic blend of rhythmic textures and carefully spun lyrical melodies are constructed with a fluid sense of improvisation, making for an always-evolving sound night after night! No matter where you find yourself on the planet, attending one of these upcoming evenings will inevitably change how you see things. Tickets are on sale now across all territories, come see Xylouris White play their music for everyone!


11/4/23 at Nova Arts in Keene, NH
11/5/23 at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME     
11/7/23 at Public Records in Brooklyn, NY     
11/17/23 at Town Hall in Meeniyan, Victoria, Australia   
11/18/23 at Ballroom in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia*   
11/18/23 at Ballroom in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia#   
11/25/23 at Palais in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia   
11/26/23 at Queenscliff Music Festival in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia   
11/29/23 at The Street in Canberra, New South Wales, Australia   
12/1/23 at Music Lounge in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia   
12/2/23 at The Great Club in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   
12/3/23 at The Great Club in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia*   
12/9/23 at Pannonica in Nantes, France   
12/10/23 at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, Belgium   
12/14/23 at Rote Bar in Vienna, Austria   
12/15/23 at PMK in Innsbruck, Austria   
12/16/23 at The Workman's Club in Dublin, Ireland   
12/17/23 at DeBarras Folk Club in Clonakilty, Ireland   
12/19/23– 12/20/23 at Cafe OTO in London, England. United Kingdom   


*early show
#late show

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