posted October 18th, 2023

François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley’s collaboration initiated in 2018 has continued without interruption with a slow stream of concerts, installations and recordings. With Cylene II, the presentation of tones and resonances where harmonic intersections elevate from the deep and scale up to the far firmament in careful motion, draw emotions viscerally from the chest and give rise to the suggestibility of the soul.

On this latest revelation from the album, "Troisième noire", both guitar and electronics tangle in godless space. Deep and incisive are the cuts from O’Malley’s guitar, countered by Bonnet’s synth as it marks endless time. The video, created by Eléonore Huisse, seemingly maps out the zone of the planet we’ve not yet encountered, and when we get there, a weather system not yet perceived, carving new furrows into the stone of the mountains, the ocean floor. Shapes and shades evolving, swirling from nothingness and back into it again.

The duo’s sonic palette will be on full display this Fall, pre-order your LP for November 10th.


Dec 9 in Chicago, at Bohemian National Cemetery EARLY SHOW
Dec 9 in Chicago, at Bohemian National Cemetery LATE SHOW
Dec 11 in Philadelphia at Solar Myths
Dec 13 in Brooklyn at Pioneerworks
Dec 15 in San Francisco at The Lab
Dec 17 in Los Angeles at 2220 Arts + Archives

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