posted January 23rd, 2024

Rafael Toral’s revolutionary guitar treatments of the 1990s established far frontiers in experimental guitar; with his forthcoming album, Spectral Evolution, Toral's DIY “Space Program” electronic modules aid his explorations in jazz guitar space, unfolding aspects of drone and ambient sound into sensuous new-phase orchestral arrangement, gently, yet relentlessly pointing new directions in the evolutionary idiom we call music. About "Second Short Space", the now-live third single in advance of the album release, Rafael says:

"One thing I always loved is texture. Among my favorite types, there's this kind of crossed lines that are almost tactile, made of fast rhythms and vibrations. Experimenting with feeding a modulated guitar tone into an overtone generator, I found this cascade of multiple interference patterns that occur in the high range, sometimes sounding a bit like a church organ. This sound promptly called for a pair of guitar lines running through a modular tremolo, expanding a sustained F-major chord. The effect turned out to be so open and bright that it reminds me of some aurora borealis in daylight."

Listen to "Second Short Space" today, and make way for Spectral Evolution, coming February 23, 2024 on LP/CD and digital. Pre-order it now!

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