posted May 28th, 2024

Pulling out of a furious current, Dirty Three have planted their sea legs on dry land (Melbourne, Australia to be exact) to track their first album in over a decade: Love Changes Everything, out June 28 on Drag City. Our tried-and-true crew, Mick Turner, Warren Ellis and Jim White, are shipping out the second single today: “Love changes everything II”.

“Love changes everything II” is Dirty Three at midday: already in elegiac reverie, glancing pensively back at the waters of morning and forward past the sands to the shades of evening. Weaving between each instrument is a siren’s call: a voice unknown, fading in and away, calling Warren, Mick and Jim’s playing into a spell. Warren mans the keyboards, Jim turns round and round the kit, looking for a spot to sit in, and Mick provides gentle loops of five-string filigree, ringing the pillars of piano and synth as they solemnly rise toward the sky, away from the percussive clatter of men, pointing toward the immortal.

Love Changes Everything was recorded in Melbourne, where Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White first formed the Dirty Three in 1992 before conquering the earth with their instrumental prowess. With Love Changes Everything, the Three have emerged from the unending waves of time to pick up their guitar, drum and viola/violin — with pianos, synthesizers, loops and further percussion swirling around — to propel the power trio’s original fury towards dazzling new heights. Indeed, Love Changes Everything on June 28, 2024!

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