posted September 21st, 2011

Where were you, Chicago, when CAVE took it to the streets last Thursday and blew out the free world with songs from their new album, NEVERENDLESS? I mean, were you in an office, looking out the window like a sad cow? Were you walking your dog/child, or on a field trip to the library like the rest of your 3rd grade classmates? Were you sitting in your undies, on the couch, reading this web site? Well, you sure fucking missed out on a one-of-a-kind experience, wherein CAVE gave a free outdoor performance on the back of a moving flatbed truck as it blazed (crept) down the streets of Chicago!

Yup, CAVE ripped through 2.99 of 5 songs from NEVERENDLESS before getting BUSTED by the po-pos (via, it would appear, the curmudgeons at a certain used book store) and sent home, making an otherwise ordinary Thursday afternoon totally extraordinary and exciting for all privileged enough to witness. Don't fear- no arrests were actually made (ain't that how it always is?) and the band went safely to their record-release show, where they proceeded to tear the roof off and sell a bunch of LPs and cassettes with fervor. All this ultimately means is we guarantee you still get a chance to see them, and grab a handful of NEVERENDLESS albums in a format of your choosing, in the town where you live (dates below). Shit, this tour really is NEVERENDLESS! It probably won't include a flatbed truck performance, sorry. But since, as we've confirmed above, you're currently sitting in your undies reading this web site, we'll do the favor of showing you what it was like, virtually. Dig CAVE like you've never seen 'em- or anyone else- before!


Directed by John Yingling.

9/21/11 Pop Montreal - Il Motore Montreal Quebec Canada w/ Liturgy
9/22/11 Outdoor BBQ Monson ME
9/23/11 Wherehouse Boston MA
9/24/11 Monster Island Basement Brooklyn NY Live With Animals
9/25/11 Cake Shop New York NY
9/27/11 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia PA
9/28/11 Floristree Baltimore MD
9/29/11 Tea Bazaar Charlottesville VA
9/30/11 Nightlight Chapel Hill NC
10/1/11 Broadways Asheville NC
10/2/11 New Brookland Tavern Columbia SC
10/3/11 Tin Roof Charleston SC
10/4/11 Burro Bar Jacksonville FL
10/5/11 The Snooze West Palm Beach FL
10/6/11 Boca Fiesta Gainesville FL
10/7/11 Evolution Records Lakeland FL
10/8/11 New World Brewery Tampa FL
10/9/11 Farm 255 Athens GA
10/10/11 529 Atlanta GA
10/11/11 The End Nashville TN
10/12/11 Proud Larry's Oxford MS
10/13/11 Skihouse Carbondale IL
10/14/11 2720 Cherokee St. Louis MO
10/15/11 The Hideout Chicago IL w/ Chandeliers
11/6/11 Mickey's Madison WI
11/8/11 Medusa Minneapolis MN
11/9/11 The Cave (Carleton College) Northfield MN
11/11/11 Mojo's Columbia MO
11/17/11 The Comet Seattle WA
11/19/11 East End Portland OR
11/23/11 Verdi Club San Francisco CA Drag City Thanksgiving Blowup
11/28/11 Pehrspace Los Angeles CA
12/3/11 Solar Culture Tucson AZ
12/5/11 Bryan Street Tavern Dallas TX
12/8/11 Siberia New Orleans LA

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