posted December 1st, 2011

Back in the early times of 2011, post-quake/pre-tsunami February, to be exact, our pals Bon and Cairo blessed us all with 10"s of help for those in need. "Island Brothers" b/w "New Wonder" was the name, and charity was it's game - remember that one? Every little shilling you spilled purchasing it went towards an approved Bonnie cause, but we didn't use ALL of it on scented oil soaps! Nope, some proceeds for the 10" single actually went to the EDGE Outreach, a non-profit helping to purify water for those without access after the devastating quake that rocked Haiti. Let's hear from the kind folks at EDGE, who blessed us with the above photo:

"We've trained a group of Haitian leaders at Eglise de Dieu de Guiton - a school/church in Cabaret, Haiti - to kill the waterborne bacteria in their water supply that's been making the 800 students and 1,000 community members who use water at the site sick. A non profit had provided the people there with a well about 20 years ago, but the water supply has been contaminated for a long time. The facility now has everything it needs - skills, technology, tools - to prevent waterborne illness. The proceeds from the Island Brothers/New Wonder 10" made this possible."

There you go, kids! It pays to be charitable and smell great while you do it!

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