posted May 3rd, 2012

Don't turn around, cause Laetita Sadier is back! Two years freshin' since Laetitia's solo debut, The Trip (dang, 2 whole years?... whatevs, we been trippin all this time!), the Sadier marquee now reads, Silencio! No, it's not a request for you to put a cork in it so someone else can speak; rather, Silencio is an invitation to sample silence, to listen to how silence resonates with truth. You hear us? Silencio is born from a natural need for stillness, as well as agitation! Step away from your computer (after you finish reading this) and get a little inwards, ok? Drift out from the noise of commercialism and marketplace prohibiting any inner-connectivity, and do it with the molten-cool, pop-sensation of Laetitia Sadier. Find the truth- and let Silencio find you- when it arrives July 24th!

Meantime, grab a seat in the front row for these special Laetitia Sadier tour dates:

5/16/12 Le Confort Moderne Poitiers, France
5/30/12 L'Excelsior Allonnes, France
6/3/12 OFF Fest Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia

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