posted June 8th, 2012

Bonny charity always givin'! And given the success of last year's "Free Florida" tour, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy done goin' to give it a go at the opposite end of our fair 'merica, the Puget Sound and it's little string of towns n' such. Now, what we're talkin' bout here is, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY IS PLAYING FREE SHOWS AT NUMEROUS SPOTS ALL AROUND THE WETTEST PART OF STATELY WASHINGTON! Yes'm! Ahem. OK, so - well, you want the details, huh. Right, ok. Ungh, alright. Hrm. Nnnghuh- Got them right here... just lemme, ok. OK, we agree, this news totally rules, but now stop screamin', we ain't on Ed Sullivan, OR The Eric Andre Show! Cool? Cool! As was said was sayin', the good Bonnie 'Prince' Billy will perform live at record stores, radio events, and wolf havens (and more?) from Tenino to Tacoma and all up in between, beginning Saturday, June 9. THIS SATURDAY, m'GOSH, tomorrow! Make your plans, mark your (i)calendars! Do it now, do it forever! Who will he wear, what will he sing, when will he play, why does he do it, how can you sleep thinking about it all? Don't! Snort your snuff, stay up for it! Lay and Love, baby, Bonnie-hind. Bask in his freedom, adorn his crown for a day. Get there, you lucky sons and daughters, hold court!

6/9/12 Wolf Haven International Tenino WA 12pm, free
6/10/12 KAOS 89.3FM Olympia, WA 2pm
6/10/12 Rainy Day Olympia WA 4pm, free
6/11/12 Rocket Records Tacoma WA 3pm, free
6/12/12 Everyday Music Bellingham WA 3pm, free
6/12/12 The Business Anacortes WA 7pm, free
6/13/12 KEXP 90.3FM Seattle, WA 3pm
6/13/12 Sonic Boom Seattle WA 7pm, free

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