posted September 10th, 2012

Now Here’s My Plan is currently laid out before you, an exquisite corpus of new Bonnie “Prince” Billy takes on old Bonnie cuts. Yet with the little pink album that could (and still might!), Wolfroy Goes To Town, a mere year in the rear-view, we still hum ‘long to those insistant, Wolfroy classics. One such, “Time To Be Clear,” was made into a single just recently. You may own the 7? single for it, The B-sides for Time To Be Clear. Naturally, then, it’s been found appealing and enduring enough to’ve gone and animated itself into a video! Sickly? ohsure. Created by Mike Ayers, Dustin Glick, and Nicklaus Deyring, it’s also a closer glimpse into the Bonnie “Prince” Billy muse, and a visual representation to take you deeper into the song while absorbing it more fittingly. As well (also, too), it harmonizes nizely with Bonnie Will Oldham’s recent essay entitled “To Hell with Drawers,” found in Poetry magazine, yup! Then as well, the video offers a context in which the lyrics can further penetrate. So absorb the sounds of Bonnie “Prince” Billy with your eyes, then follow it up with a look-see into the noise from Bonnie’s mind in the freshly digitized version of his essay, all neatly presented by the bookfreaks at Poetry Foundation!

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