posted October 23rd, 2012

End of the month and hurlaween's a-comin'! If you haven't dropped all your loose coin on clown shoes and a clown nose and a Romney wig for the oncoming Saint's Day parade - or even if you have - we've got something for you to throw your credit shield at! That's right! SPEND, SPEND, SPEND becuz tomorrow ain't guaranteed - and when it does come, don'tcher wanna sweet l'il ol' Drag City packageroo waiting for you in the post? Sure you do! And what better to stick in there than the NEWEST of the NEW! For today and the rest of time we present to you AZITA's latest album and first since the truly heart-jarring Disturbing the Air LP + CD release of late 2011. Whoo, that was a blast of autumnal hot and cold, weren't it? Well fortunately avant AZITA's one of the most tactile, piano-pounding songstresses out there - and that means that she's turned on a dime - or a mini-Euro for your Euro-peons reading this - and her direction on Year is a more playful, surrealistic children's-type approach, with eight ditties about ice and forgetting and passengers and understanding and something that happened seven years ago and every day since. God, if only Nilsson were still alive! Year would kill him dead all over again. And while you're grabbling that, click around for another chiller Bonnie single! Sure, you're still reeling from the Bonny/Billy F. Gibbons Fleetwood Mac split 7" - you and us both. But now we've got a Yuletide single too - a singyule, if you you will - from Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy that not only celebrates celebrating Christmas against all odds, but also celebrates the one and only (two and only?) Everly Brothers! Dawn and Bon are deep appreciators of the bros, harmonies and sensibilities alike, and the choice of Dennis Linde's "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" accesses one of the underappreciated tomes of 70s Everly Brothers work, Stories We Could Tell. The flipside promises the rock the gift-opening party that rocks your gift-opening body - Rufus Thomas' "Walking the Dog," covered by many and sundry including the Stones, the Troggs, Conway Twitty, John Cale, Aerosmith, Charlie Feathers, the Flamin' Groovies, Faron Young, Sandie Shaw - and now, Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, via The Everly Brothers. So just order these up with all your other latest releases from Drag City (do we really have to tell you again? Check here, short attention friends!). Just in time for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and yes, even Kwanzaa, Drag City's got the gift goods, gang!