posted November 28th, 2012

Scout Niblett is BACK, baby! And it's about TIME! She's got a new 7" that features steppin' out like you might never've even THOUGHT Scout Niblett was inclined towards and it's IN STORES NOW. Called "No More Nasty Scubbs", this record plays suspiciously like the record of a woman whose been burned at the hands of a man - but that can't be true! Not our Scout? Anyway, she plays the scorned love to the hilt, with help from source material from Janet Jackson and the late, lamented TLC. "Nasty" and "No Scrubs" are the tunes, and as we said, Scout has her way with them. Rumor has it that "No Scrubs" will be showing up on the new Scout Niblett album (YES!!!!!!!) that's destined for early-mid-ish next year. In the meantime, news of her new, star-studdy video for "Nasty" is sweeping Europe - look here as The Quietus corners the "'the hell?" market for all the little boys and girls in it's little digi-neck of the auld world. Watch the vid, buy the single and let's get with it! Welcome back Ms. Niblett. We're looking forward to seeing more of and or from you soon.

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