posted November 30th, 2012

Got a skin-sniff'n smell fetish? Are you like us, spending random evenings wishing to be surrounded by warm, dank body oders in the dirty clothes hamper at Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's house? You know what he sounds like, you know what he looks like, the next logical step is to find out what he smells like, right? Right, well, now you can, and even enjoy the pleasure of smelling like Bonnie yourself, any place you want - in the comfort of your own home, or, for the voyeur, out in (or near the) public - with the latest scent from Sanae Intoxicants, "Bonny Billy."

Sanae Intoxicants specializes in scents, and their latest is inspired by the wild and wooly Bonne Bill hisself. What kinda 'roma doth waft this way? Here's what they say at Sanae: "Underneath the bouquet of the mukhallat, on a warm, Egyptian jasmine, tobacco night, rocks the ancient, romantic rhythm of the Assam oud. Relish in this mystical, swirling dance. It will light up all who surround you." O, Hottness! For those lucky to languish in the bellows of greater Los Angeles, you should attend the opening party for "Bonny Billy" on Monday, December 3rd, at Bar Stella, near the Junction. We hear that refreshments, adult beverages, and of course, the soul-emblazoning scent of "Bonny Billy" will all be there, for you and those (who) like you. For the rest of the world, a quick stop at the Sanae Intoxicants webjamb will get you yours, just in time for the holidays. What better way to bridge the gap between the latest single, "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" from Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and their full-length full of Everly Bros. jams coming 2013? Nothing, outside the hamper of course!

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