Wand - credit: Photo by Emilio Girardin

Photo by Emilio Girardin



Smells like 30 new minutes of new music via seven new electric hues, shocks of light that flagrantly provoke the dark, a posy’s clutch of purple, fuchsia, green and snowy…


Title Format Cat # Date
Perfume 12"EP/CDEP/MP3/FLAC DC707 2018
Plum LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC673 2017
1000 Days LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC625 /WAND 3 2015
Golem LP/CD In the Red 2015
Ganglion Reef LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC God#009 2014