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Drag City
To Be Released
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LP Bundle $59.00
CD Bundle $42.00
Cassette Bundle $41.00
LP $29.00
Compact Disc $12.00
Cassette $11.00
MP3 Download $9.99
FLAC Download $10.99

All Tracks

  1. Hangman 5:33

  2. Curtain Call 3:28

  3. Mistletoe 5:08

  4. JJ 4:05

  5. Smile 6:29

  6. Lifeboat 4:29

  7. High Time 7:01

  8. Seaweed Head 3:31

About this product

Sliding between the bodies in the street, cutting across the contrails that bisect our sky, Wand find melody and the anxiety beats as they hum the soundtrack for a new gravitational center. Seeking connections against the plan of niche interest and anonymity, Vertigo is the sound of slippage, rocks of contradiction (in soft focus); feet lost, regained, lost again, a multi-chromatic swaying, more automatic, associative, directed, in time.

Wandies - and all conceivable others! New album release bonus offer for the hardcore among yer: now, you can Turn On, Turn Off, and Tune Into the Vertigo Bundle - your choice of format on the new Wand record (LP-CD-or-CS), complete with Black Light Poster and Bumper Sticker! Check the graphics and you'll see that all items come branded not only with the title of their boggling new album, but also with the impeccably absurd sense of DEEP aesthetics, designed to make you go not only Hmmm, but HAAAAAAA as well. 

The bundles will be limited to a quantity of 300, so don't sleep. Or do, but own your damn selves' actions! ​

Flocked dayglo poster is 12"x24" and will come rolled, holographic bumper sticker is 11"x3".