CAVE - credit: Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen

CAVE - credit: Frank Van Duerm

Frank Van Duerm



What the world needs now is CAVE, sweet CAVE. And we need another mountain too, truthfully! CAVE move earth until they get heaven, one silver shovel at a…


Title Format Cat # Date
Threace LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC552 2013
Neverendless LP/CD/MP3/Cass/FLAC DC472 2011
Pure Moods 12"EP/MP3/FLAC DC431 2010
Raw Vibes Vol. 2 Cass Cave Tapes 2009
Psychic Psummer LP/CD Important Records 2009
Made in Malaysia 7" Important Records 2009
Cave/Skarekrau Radio split Cass Cave Tapes 2009
The Ride 7" Static Caravan 2009
Cave/California Raisins split 10" EP Permanent Records 2008
Raw Vibes Vol. 1 Cass Cave Tapes 2008
Butthash 7" Trensmat 2008
Hunt Like Devil/Jamz LP Permanent Records 2007