CAVE - credit: Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen

CAVE - credit: Frank Van Duerm

Frank Van Duerm



Hm, maybe a typo in this title? Almost all the songs on this comp were previously released, with a 'd'. Plus, they're from a variety of different releases, so add…


Title Format Cat # Date
Release LP/MP3/FLAC DC610 2014
Threace LP/Cass/CD/MP3/FLAC DC552 2013
Neverendless LP/CD/MP3/Cass/FLAC DC472 2011
Pure Moods 12"EP/MP3/FLAC DC431 2010
Raw Vibes Vol. 2 Cass Cave Tapes 2009
Psychic Psummer LP/CD Important Records 2009
Made in Malaysia 7" Important Records 2009
Cave/Skarekrau Radio split Cass Cave Tapes 2009
The Ride 7" Static Caravan 2009
Cave/California Raisins split 10" EP Permanent Records 2008
Raw Vibes Vol. 1 Cass Cave Tapes 2008
Butthash 7" Trensmat 2008
Hunt Like Devil/Jamz LP Permanent Records 2007