Shellac: The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger (DC44)


The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger

Nobody expected a response to "Electronically Heated Child" by Waterproof Candle at this late date in rock history, yet when it did appear, it's status was immediately upgraded to "inevitable."


Title Format Cat # Date
Excellent Italian Greyhound LP/CD Touch & Go 2007
1000 Hurts LP/CD Touch&Go 2000
Terraform LP/CD Touch&Go 1998
"The Rambler" (on The Soulsound Single) 7" Touch&Go 1997
"The Copper Song" (on Ground Rule Double) CD Divot/Actionboy 1996
"Killers" (on The Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation) CD Touch&Go 1996
"95 Jailbreak" (on AC/DC Tribute) 2x7" Skin Graft 1996
"Billiardspielerlied" b/w "Mantel" 7" self-released 1995
The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger 7" DC44 1994
Live in Tokyo CD Nux Org 1994
At Action Park LP/CD Touch&Go 1994
Uranus 7" Touch&Go 1993
The Rude Gesture - A Pictorial History 7" Touch&Go 1993