posted May 14th, 2012

If you're like us here at Drag City, you're looking high and lowbrow for something you can call entertainment. Well, we've got you covered for at least one day in the apparently ceaseless march of days that we have dubbed "the future." To wit: next Tuesday, May 29 Housing Works Bookstore will inaugurate The Lowbrow Reader Reader’s official commencement of existance on and off discerning bookshelves with a performance of "The Lowbrow Reader Variety Hour" at its Soho shop. While the lineup of comedians and writers is top-secret and not yet leaked (oh okay - YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: Wyatt Cenac and the legendary Professor Irwin Corey!), we can tell you that Adam Green and Supercute will be providing the musical subcontext to the evening's edification. There will of course be laffs a-plenty as only The Lowbrow Reader has provided since 2001, but as with all events at Housing Works, the event will serve a serious cause: to raise money in the shop’s ongoing fight against AIDS and homelessness. Past Lowbrow Reader Variety shows have featured a plethora of engaging performers including Fiery Furnaces, John Mulaney, Jeffrey Lewis, Gilbert Rogin, and Joe Mande, so even if the impeccable pedigree of The Lowbrow Reader isn't enough to get you in the door, perhaps their shamelss way with connections will do it. Plus the opportunity to have TLR editor-in-chief Jay Ruttenberg sign your b- well, whatever you like that begins with B, how about that?

For more and more better information, you can check with The Housing Works.

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