posted April 1st, 2013

Brain Pulse Music, Maski Batoh's requiem album for Japan and their struggle with the Great East Earthquake and resulting tsunami, utilizes not only traditional Japanese instruments but also a new one of Batoh's own creation: the Brain Pulse Music Machine. It's the mind's music in practice - not the compositional mind, instructing pen to paper or finger to fret - rather, it's the amplified frequencies of the Alpha, Theta and Delta waves of the mind, transmitted from diodes on a head set to the BPM Machine. Utilizing the BPM in music yields tones of droning fuzz, screeching noise, and oscillating ear-excitations, but the device is also put to use for more practical purposes - testing neurological and nervous system ailments to help doctors understand how they might better assist patients suffering from such things. In fact, Batoh uses the BPM Machine every day with patients under his own acupuncture therapy care. But for most, the BPM, as well as Brain Pulse Music, simply convey beautifully exciting new sounds, just the way you likes' um.

Since there are but a few BPM Machines in this world (though you can be one of the lucky few to own one), and only one Brain Pulse Music LP, it's a massive joy to announce a full on Masaki Batoh tour of the USA, where we lucky peeps get full privilege to see Batoh perform live using the BPM Machine. It's reason enough to celebrate a Batoh tour on it's own regard - with our without his psyched-out mainstay, Ghost; but with BPM, the honey just got a little sweeter! Enough with the written word - get ready for a mind meld with Masaki Batoh's BPM tour!

4/26/13 ATLAS Institute Black Box Boulder CO
4/27/13 Austin Psych Fest Austin TX
4/28/13 Craftlab Gallery Oceanside CA
4/30/13 Echoplex Los Angeles CA
5/2/13 Chop Suey Seattle WA
5/5/13 Electric Owl Vancouver Canada
5/6/13 Star Theater Portland OR
5/9/13 West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg Canada
5/11/13 CSPS Cedar Rapids IA
5/14/13 Empty Bottle Chicago IL

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