Masaki Batoh

Masaki Batoh - credit: Minoru Tsuyuki

Minoru Tsuyuki

Masaki Batoh

Brain Pulse Music Machine

Announcing a new device that will bring us closer to both INNER and OUTER space! More precisely, the output of the Brain Pulse Music Machine will be of interest to…


Title Format Cat # Date
Brain Pulse Music LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC471 2012
Collected Works, 1995-1996 LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC180 2004
"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" b/w "Yoo Doo Right" (w/ Damon & Naomi, Kurihara) 7" Grimsey 1999
Track on Pearls Before Swine Tribute CD Birdman 1998
KikaoKubeshi LP Now Sound 1996
A Ghost From the Darkened Sea LP Now Sound 1995