posted May 23rd, 2014

Mick Turner's double album from the end of last year really caused some rubbernecking! As well it should - because not only is Don't Tell The Driver a new conception in the music of Mick Turner (with regard to his own stuff as well as all the Dirty Three music he's contributed to over the years), but his latest album may very well be the first ever post-rock opera! Musically, it's the best thing he's ever done. And Mick did his time here in the states for it, too, oh my - shows at bars, at art spaces with bars, and at venues near bars - but gladly no gigs behind bars, that we know of anyway! Can this veteran guitarist keep it clean in the EU, too? It's nearly time to find out! Yeah, now that Don't Tell the Driver is back in stock and available on 2xLP, Mick's taking advantage by diddling his guitar and sweet FX chain all across the UK, and loads of continental Europe to boot. With Don't Tell The Driver LPs in tote, natch! Catch his first rate guitar mannerisms at the following unlimited engagements! For the rest of us, a fresh copy of Don't Tell The Driver awaits!

7/25/14 Boomtown Festival Gent Belgium

8/8/14 Whelan's Dublin Ireland

8/9/14 Firebug Bar Leicester United Kingdom

8/10/14 The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham United Kingdom

8/11/14 The Basement (York) York United Kingdom

8/12/14 Broadcast Glasgow United Kingdom

8/13/14 Stylus Leeds United Kingdom

8/14/14 The Exchange Bristol United Kingdom

8/15/14 Jabberwocky Festival London United Kingdom

8/16/14 South Street Arts Centre Reading United Kingdom

8/17/14 The Portland Arms Cambridge United Kingdom

8/19/14 Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands w/ Kurt vile & The Violators

8/20/14 Rote Fabrik Zurich Switzerland w/ Kurt vile & The Violators

8/22/14 Kafe Antzokia Bilbao Spain w/ Kurt vile & The Violators

8/23/14 Festival Paredes de Coura Paredes de Coura Portugal

8/24/14 Joy Madrid Spain w/ Kurt vile & The Violators

8/25/14 Sala Apolo Barcelona Spain w/ Kurt vile & The Violators

9/19/14 Incubate Festival Tilburg Netherlands

9/20/14 King Georg Cologne Germany

9/22/14 Trix Antwerp Belgium

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