posted May 29th, 2014

Oceans, borders, guards, security check points, poison darts, voodoo - nothing can stop the foot soldiers of Drag City from breaking on through the Fourth Dimension with gifts and wisdom for the civilized people of this world we regard so curiously yet value! You can get these items here, by staying tuned into our ever-evolving (yet reassuringly basic) web presence; cool, cool - but nothing tops the essential rock n' roll - not to mention, human - experience, that of reaching out and fucking touching someone. That's why we're sending tangible parts of ourselves to the places we expect you the people to be for the next two weekends: the front lines of the live performance, where fans gather to witness and participate with their musical idols in bulk. Yes, the festivals! But not just any average meet-and-greet market fests - mais non! Something s'fizzticated is more our jam - and so, for those generous patrons of Primavera Sound in Barcelona and the Villette Sonique in Paris, Drag City represents in the flesh, 2014! Visit real Drag City-types at the official Drag City stall and let us enchant you with Drag City knowledge and know-how. Browse through our extensive, curated catalog of LPs, CDs, and ephemera while an experienced member of our international squad provides gentle, patient (yet probing) guidance and juicy insider info about the record you want to buy and the artist you love the most. In person! The only thing we left at home was the kissing booth, but that doesn't mean we won't offer intuitive affection: Drag City knows what you need, and what you secretly want the most! Take a needed breather and replenish those fluids (but don't relieve yourself) by the Drag City booth in the merchandise area of Primavera Sound this Friday and Saturday, May 30th and 31st, from 4PM to 3AM! Then meet us in Paris at Villette Sonique on June 7th and 8th. Our good buddies in Sun Araw will be collaborating with Laraaji at Villette Sonique and of course, Ty Segall and the band will be playing at both Primavera and Villette Sonique. OF COURSE!!! Drag City is everywhere, except where we're not, which is no place: who knows where we'll be next, or when (damn those busses!) but get to where we are, right now.

May 30th-31st - Barcelona, Spain, Primavera Sound Festival

June 7th-8th - Paris, France, Villette Sonique Festival