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Dead Rider Trio

Dead Rider Trio Featuring Mr. Paul Williams

Hot enough to jam, Dead Rider welcomes ghostly presence/wild card Mr. Paul Williams to the mic, resulting in a delightful exquisite corpse four-car pile up for the mind's eye and…

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posted November 7th, 2018

Scout Niblett is headed like a heat-seeking missal towards Europe - ready to explode with tense, beautiful songs of sparse arrangement, as is her weapon of choice. Which is not to say things will be violent - in fact, we expect quite the opposite when she begins her European tour in Germany next week, where the vibe will surely be of the healing and cathartic type! In lieu of newly recorded music, we have to say seeing Scout Niblett live is an exceptionally tasty treat!... (read more)

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posted November 6th, 2018

We come from nowhere and fade back there again, leaving the foggy dreams and obscure anxieties of this life behind when we go. Life is enigma, and with great respect for the vagaries of this truth, Masaki Batoh's Nowhere reaches out of the darkness, with strings of steel and voices echoing out of time.
In the summer of 2018, Masaki Batoh (ex GhostThe Silence) held sessions at GOK Sound in Tokyo, with the goal of making his fourth... (read more)

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posted November 2nd, 2018

Today, November 2nd, 2018, we can say with assurance that the world is a better place than it was 40 years ago. We say this knowing all that hangs in the balance, with the difficult path ahead and the unaccountable behavior of so many of our brethren. The reason we say this is because of music. Today, we are thinking of the music of Mark Fosson, whose brilliant guitar playing was recorded in the late 1970s, but not released until decades later. When these... (read more)

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posted November 1st, 2018

Winter is coming! With the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones upon us, any news that thaws our mind and body is more than welcomed. Looks like we're in luck too, thanks to Joy-ous duo of White Fence and Ty Segall! After a short stint up and down the west coast, Ty & Tim are primed and ready to bring the heat to select cities on the Eastern Seaboard.

The perfect soundtrack with no seasonal bias, Joy... (read more)

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