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Mayo Thompson

Art, Mystery

Funny, what people seem to want. In Art, Mystery, a controversial former footballer, now export agent specializing in chrome, accepts an unusual commission — to find and export a pornographic work…

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posted February 15th, 2018

Yes! Chris Gantry's fixin' to give us a whole lotta outlaw love next Thursday, when he brings his acoustic guitar and playful, badass attitude to the friendly confines of The Hideout here in Chicago! It's the first Chicago performance from Chris that we're aware of in our little lifetime, or at least all that can be revealed by our internet machine or Chris' septuagenarian mind! Regardless, this performance is a BIG DEAL as it might be your first and last chance to see this... (read more)

Artists in this story: Chris Gantry



posted February 14th, 2018

Bill MacKay's blissful harmonic control and just-outside-the-box guitar mannerisms diffuse into the crisp California air as he heads to the Golden State for a short hike up and down the coast next month! MacKay's fantastic voyage through refreshing experimentalism and imaginative influences is fully displayed on his Drag City debut, Esker, but his live performances are unmatched. Bill cut his teeth in various bands and projects spanning genres across Chicago scenes, and now he's ready to take a bite out of the... (read more)

Artists in this story: Meg Baird, Cory Hanson, Bill MacKay


TOM RAPP 1947-2018

posted February 13th, 2018

On Sunday, February 11, Tom Rapp passed over from here to a place he'd already touched with his music. You can read the obituaries to get the whole story of his extraordinary path through this life. We're here to say that we'll miss him enormously; although we'd only been working together for a little over a year, we've been fans of his music for much of our lives. Working in this business with someone whose music we loved for years and never really considered meeting... (read more)



posted February 13th, 2018

 "A month spent in an old mill in the under belly of France. River swimming thrice a day. Hot nights soundtracked by the rattle of randy frogs. Scorpion fear. In the sheets, on the face. Hours of bird watching - no phone service. No wifi. 3 DVDs: Jurassic Park 1, 2 & 3. Violin practice. Bread scoffing. Early morning coffee drinking before the sun was too hot to do anything but snooze in the thick walled house. Music in the afternoon after a dip in... (read more)

Artists in this story: Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley, Drinks