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Catalina Breeze

From Chicago to LA, the flag-bearers for the lite rock of the 1970s bring back some of their greatest regional hits ever!

B-side features custom etching!

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Six Organs of Admittance Provide Post-Thanksgiving Relief with In-Store Performances and Hexadic Talks!

posted November 24th, 2015

Spirits rejoice! Mathletes too! The release of Six Organs of Admittance's much-speculated-upon sequel to Hexadic, aptly entitled Hexadic II, has FINALLY arrived a full NINE months after the monolithic original hit down, and in celebration of that achievement, Mr. Six Organs himself, Ben Chasny, has some last minute tricks up his sleeve! Thanksgiving kinda sucks, right?  First there's the travel hell, from which there is no escape. Upon arriving "home," you devour your weight in traditional family holiday fare, then attempt... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter! November 2015

posted November 20th, 2015


Times are tough, they say! So they are – and so have they always been! But not for us. In a world poleaxed by cultural divides, class struggles, partisan opinions, the poverty gap, mind-bogglingly violent expressions and (continued) governmental indifference to actual change, we utilize the systems at hand to deal in the propagation of….music! Yeah, and even though there are at least a dozen ways to make it divisive right off the bat (et tu, Spotify?),... (read more)



posted November 19th, 2015

Rangda! They planted a False Flag in the blood-soaked turf of the contemporary rock-politik. They were Formerly Extinct before you ever even THOUGHT about giving it up for good! Now, five years since ascending to collective Rangdadom, the flower-plower trio are back in your phase! This time around, Rangda strikes The Heretic's Bargain for you - but have a care, foolish listener; not only is it an offer you can't refuse, this here's a deal you can't repeal!

Ever since the... (read more)

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WAND OF THE LOST (Tour Report, Pt 4)

posted November 18th, 2015

Missoula, 11/3. Real Lounge.

Saw a massive, beautiful Great Dane with no collar at a gas stop in east Washington. He boofed and woo-woo'd at us. The gas attendant said that he had an owner, and treated us like we all needed to "relax" and stop trying to control "everything." Whatever. Best part of the dog? It's the dog.  

S-W?? We are still unsure.

Cory fell deep into mouth-open sleep as we drove... (read more)

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