posted July 31st, 2014

Something pure and natural is happening--within the sound, within the song; in the album and in you. The shifts that come make changes in your moods and your body temperature. Bitchin Bajas' self-titled new album (which streets August 26th!!) is something delicate yet definite, gradually washing over your consciousness. On one hand, it is in many ways the ultimate album; and on the other, barely even an album at all. Where these ideas meet is immediately realized in the come-to-life video for the song, "Bueu." Using analog, modular video synthesizers, the video for "Bueu" was created by Nick Ciontea and is the first in a series of videos planned for each and every song on the Bajas' self-titled new album. The rest are set for a special, digital-only release of the album, available exclusively from your calm pals, Drag City. What better way to turn on, tune in and drop out than by watching 12 minutes of trippy visualizations? Avoid the static of everyday life and tune in to your relaxed state with Bitchin Bajas' "Bueu," and prepare to see them when they come to your town, be it in the US or EU!

Bitchin Bajas are set to tour! Dig these North American and European dates:

8/25@ Magnetic South-Bloomington, IN

8/26 @ Dreamland-Louisville, KY

8/27 @ The Collective at Depot Street-Boone, NC

8/28 @ Transfigurations II Festival- Asheville, NC

10/2 @ Villa Manuela Festival- Madrid, Spain

10/3 @ CAAA-  Guimaraes, Portugal

10/4 @ ZdB- Lisbon, Portugal

10/5 @ Bar Labranza- Bueu, Spain

10/9 @ Le Petit Bain- Paris, France

10/10 @ Water Moulin- Tournai, Belgium

10/12 @ Zuiderpershuis- Antwerp, Belgium

10/14 @ FJT Les Oiseaux- Besancon, France

10/15 @ Klubi - Zurich, Switzerland

10/16 @ Le Bourg- Lausanne, Switzerland

10/19 @ Madame Mim- Valencia, Spain

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