Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas - credit: Image courtesy of the Chicago Film Archives

Image courtesy of the Chicago Film Archives

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas


The invisible force meets the ancient object — two ensembles for the price of one and a half! Synths, sintir, and much more. Sky music by deep earth people...


Title Format Cat # Date
Automaginary LP/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC626 2015
Bitchin Bajas 2xLP/2xCASS/MP3/FLAC/FLAC+Videos/MP3+Videos/MP4 Videos DC592 2014
Bitchitronics LP/Cass/MP3/FLAC DC560 2013
Krausened 12"EP Permanent 2013
Vibraquatic LP & DVD Kallistei Editions 2012
Water Wrackets LP & DVD Kallistei Editions 2011
Split 12" with Faceplant 12"EP Bathetic Records 2011
Split 7" with Moon Duo 7" EP Permanent 2010
Tones and Zones LP Important Records 2010