posted November 24th, 2014

The mysteries of Dan'l Boone were revealed earlier this fall with the release of their debut, smashing, self-titled record. But for many still, the album release proved the mysteries only ran deeper! So, grids and diagrams were consulted and superimposed over the North American map; thus touring was arranged, and Dan'l Boone's compositional make-up (Neil Hagerty, Nate Young, Alex Moskos, Charles Ballas) was exposed in the flesh to thousands of people (and the hundreds who attended the shows). Yet again, for those who saw and heard, many found the experience as enlightening as it was confounding. Just what is Dan'l Boone? What makes experiencing  it so engaging? Perhaps some more light can be shed? Yes, there's always more light out there. Spotlight on "The Epic of Dan'l Boone," a remix of "Thee Testimonye of An Maiden" from the album: more to reveal and greater mystery stuck. Dan'l Boone express systems and sounds of the past-present-future like a sonic, circular worm-hole. We're already inside, with them... and so are you!

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