posted October 13th, 2015

Forty freakin' years since the inception of DEATH and six EPIC years since the release of the long-lost tapes of their TOTALLY seminal punk rock album, ...For The Whole World To See, these rock n' roll victims just WON'T NOT keep on knockin’! With the brand N.E.W. album out earlier this year, the sound of Death is finally back in the world where it deserves to be, with the recognition it deserves! Punk music was being kicked around by many important bands in the mid-70s, but did anyone really deliver as muscular a batch of jams as Death's 1975 masterpiece? Or spiritual, for that matter? Detroit's Hackney brothers had their own brand of alienated musical vibes different from happening anywhere else at the time. And while they've toured many parts of the world to see since then, never once have they performed in the place that has long laid claim to the origins of punk - the UK. Now, for the first time ever, Death comes to Londoners at the 100 Club, to Leeds at Brudenell Social Club, and to the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, where their blistering live jams are sure to satisfy the most disaffected ol' punter around. When it comes to DEATH, it’s always satisfying to show people the real thing, with their scorching, seminal tunes that preceded EVERYTHING '77 for kids young and old, the world over; and honestly, they couldn't be more chuffed to finally show up and give it to the Queen !

Don’t miss a step! Before heading to the UK, Death dates in the Pacific Northwest areas of USA and Canada. Ingest the deets below, and wait, as always, for DEATH:

10/16/15 @ El Corazon Seattle, WA
10/17/15 @ Venue Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
10/18/15 @ Mississippi Studios Portland, OR
10/31/15 @ Total Trash Fest Oakland, CA

11/28/15 @ All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas Pontins, North Wales, United Kingdom
11/30/15 @Brudenell Social Club Leeds, United Kingdom
12/01/15 @ The 100 Club London, United Kingdom

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