posted April 5th, 2017

With the release of Best Troubador shining bright in our future, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy unveils a performance that's so steamy you can practically feel your own skin getting pruned! Just last month, Bonny and Elsa Oldham stopped by the esteamed (ahem, pun intended) Drag City Limits to perform a devoted tribute to the late, great Merle Haggard.

Seven of the sixteen songs on Best Troubador are from Merle Haggard's later period, after his long run at the top of the country charts had ended, but before encroaching mortality could finally cease the singular and indefatigable creativity of his body of work. Bonnie's performance of "Bad Actor", originally recorded by Merle in 2010, meditates on this notion; showcasing the intricate genius of his songs that continued later in his career. The intimate session, recorded in a room no larger than a closet, subtly conjures a sound larger than its confines-bursting at the seams to be heard. And who are we to argue with that!?

Watch Bonnie 'Prince' Billy perform "Bad Actor" for Drag City Limits' Steamroom Session below, and preorder Best Troubador now!


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