posted March 11th, 2011

Younglings of greater NYC! Clear your calendar for next weekend, Saturday, March 19: some sage forefathers got some shit to sing-say to you, and it being a prime weekend night and all, you owe it to experience that which you haven't before and can't with members of your own generation. Plus, these fore-fellas got unique musical talents. Basically, Gary Higgins and Ed Askew be up on it! Yeah, see, both these cats got new (well, actually sorta old), records coming out on March 22nd, and like good mens that they are, they're all about having a party to celebrate! The event is scheduled to take place at Ding Dong Lounge in New York, where Gary's gonna get on like he did back in the pre-Red Hash daze, aptly referred to in brand-new (shipping next week!) archival EP form as "A Dream A While Back." Meanwhile, Ed's gonna lend his own cream to the evening's pie with a big slice of Imperfiction jams, his 1984 batch of tunes previously only released on cassette (but coming on vinyl next week and on sale at the show, yee-haw!). Ed's tiple might not be in effect, but still - imagine all the wisdom that's sure to be imparted upon your young (or middle-aged or even old... neither dude discriminates ageistally in this way) mind when you see the show... it's gonna be a pure event, in almost every sense of the word.

Every teacher loves a pet; get the leg up on your fellow learners and preorder copies of each record from right here today!

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